The AI Asia Pacific Institute and People Collider Announce Collaboration in Helping to Shape the Future of Work with Artificial Intelligence

The AI Asia Pacific Institute is pleased to announce an important step in re-imagining the future of work, by announcing People Collider as one of its partners in this effort. The new partnership aims to significantly bolster the future of work driven by AI and help accelerate transformation through the education of HR.

The AI Asia Pacific Institute was founded with the mission to contribute to opening the path to trustworthy Artificial Intelligence in the Asia Pacific region. As part of the collaboration the Institute and People Collider have committed to efforts to ensure progress towards the development of trustworthy AI and how HR navigates the challenges.

People Collider provides Human Resources professionals with a suite of learning opportunities to build the knowledge and skills needed to create and operate successfully in an Artificial Intelligence powered workplace. People Collider believes HR has a lead role to play in how AI is used in business and impacts people in the workplace. To help HR lead the evolution of their organisations with AI powered business technology tools, People Collider provides educational experiences so that HR can apply AI to create winning workplaces.

The pace at which AI is evolving and impacting the future of work is exponential, transforming jobs and the nature of work forever. The World Economic Forum projects that while 75 million current jobs are expected to be displaced by 2022, 133 million new jobs will also be created due to the AI transformation. The claim that we need a ‘reskilling transformation’ is valid when at least 54% of all employees are required to upskill by 2022.

Developing the skills necessary to work with AI and upskilling the workforce to become fit for the AI-led transformation is a key priority for People Collider. Beyond this mission, recognising that everyone will be affected by the use of AI systems in the workplace is a reality that we must all learn to navigate. In particular, concerns such as bias and inclusion, need to be addressed at the same pace as the disruption.

Incorporating education and training related to the future of work and the advancement of AI is necessary if companies are to adopt an appropriate response to the impact of automation and the social inequality it could produce. People Collider is supporting the selection and application of appropriate automation by designing experiential learning that equips HR teams with the most in-demand skills enabling them to re-engineer their workforce and workplaces. From Business, Leadership, Technology, Data and Design, their courses and events are anchored in the fundamentals of innovation and technical know-how that enable HR to be propelled into the new world of work.

Philippa (Pip) Penfold, CEO of People Collider, says “HR has a strong role to play guiding AI automation of workplaces, managing Human-AI blended workforces and contributing their voice to the ethical debate regarding Artificial Intelligence. Through education and discussion forums in collaboration with the AI Asia Pacific Institute, we believe People Collider learners and alumni will be well-positioned to be part of this important discussion and debate.”

AI Asia Pacific Institute, Kelly Forbes, added, “Artificial Intelligence holds enormous potential to improve the world we live in. It also poses some of the toughest challenges society has ever faced. We see these challenges rapidly emerging in the workplace and investing in avenues for collaboration is crucial in ensuring that we can appropriately navigate these.”

The partnership between the AI Asia Pacific Institute and People Collider is a step in the right direction to leverage AI in a way that creates opportunities for all, by empowering people to change from passive observers of the 4th industrial revolution to becoming a force for good during this technological disruption.