Collaboration: RepRisk & AI Asia Pacific Institute

The AI Asia Pacific Institute has partnered with RepRisk, a leading ESG data science company combining machine learning and human intelligence to identify environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks, to collaborate on a research project on the intersection of AI and human intelligence to mitigate bias and promote the implementation of AI for sustainability.

The collaboration between the AI Asia Pacific Institute and RepRisk reflects a shared commitment to promote informed decision-making surrounding the intersection of AI and ESG. 

The research will focus on:

  1. Environment: The use of AI in driving efforts for a sustainable economy. AI has a role in advancing impact into specific sectors, such as energy and food distribution, and it also allows investors to collect and manage information at a larger scale when accounting for ESG implications. 
  2. Social: Building on the intersection of AI and humans working together, we will explore the social impact of using technologies to automate work and the impact on the social aspects of ESG. 
  3. Governance: Consider how AI risk can become governance risk by focusing on the role of bias in AI and propose ways in which AI can be used to mitigate risks.

Leveraging AI in its data-generation methodology for sixteen years, including a unique combination of AI, ML, and human analysts, RepRisk is uniquely suited to provide insights on the convergence of AI and ESG.

Artificial intelligence has an increasingly important role to play in the ESG industry. This growing intersection creates a need to mitigate risks and foster impact. It forces us to ask the question: how do we innovate responsibly and ensure that, in the process, we are working to solve some of the world’s most urgent and critical problems?

Kelly Forbes, Executive Director of the AI Asia Pacific Institute.

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