Our Work

Responsible Development and Use of Generative AI in ASEAN

The project aims to identify the most urgent policy, legal and regulatory gaps in Generative artificial intelligence (AI) implementation within ASEAN and provide recommendations on how to address them, to encourage multi-stakeholder participation in Generative AI policymaking within ASEAN, and to produce the Discussion Paper on the Responsible Development and Use of Generative AI in ASEAN to govern the development and implementation of Generative AI within the ASEAN context.

The AI Asia Pacific Institute provided active input on the the Dubai International Financial Centre’s (DIFC) Responsible AI Governance consultation and legislative issuance. The initiative formed the basis for Regulation 10 on Processing Personal Data Through Autonomous and Semi-Autonomous Systems, one of the first global regulations in AI.

Research collaboration with the academic publishing company Springer Nature.

Developing and maintaining active engagement with the private sector, understanding challenges on AI governance implementation, promoting corporate governance, and delivering recommendations for future industry readiness.