AI Asia Pacific Institute conducts research on trustworthy AI related subjects. We work in collaboration with universities, sharing our findings through presentations, publications and forums. The following are some of our current research areas.

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Algorithmic Decisions & Impact on Humans

How is algorithmic decisions impacting our humanity? In this research, we are looking at the application of algorithmic decisions and its implications in different industries. We are exploring the financial industry, power and sustainability and social media.

As part of the research, we are launching a podcast series in October. Subscribe to our podcast to learn more.

Asia-Pacific Collaboration & AI Governance

AI is transnational, it does not recognise borders. As AI developments unfold at such unprecedented scale and pace, the call for building trustworthy AI has been resounding. To achieve it, international cooperation is crucial.

The research aims to promote and amplify collaboration across different governments in the region supporting its AI strategies and encouraging trustworthy AI.

Implications of Human & AI Coexistence

In development.

Pan-Asian research on sharing failures in AI governance

As more organisations adopt AI technologies, ‘governing’ AI to build trust between human and machine is critical. One way to promote trustworthy AI is to make past failures known, so that AI systems can be built on trust.

The goal of this initiative is to research on the proper mechanisms and platforms for sharing relevant failures – big and small – in AI development and deployment, promoting collaboration of governments and commercial entities across Asia.