2022 Study on Trustworthy AI

2022 Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence


The 2022 Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence in the Asia-Pacific region report is one of the first few studies to undertake a deep dive into some of the region’s countries using specific and discrete indicators on AI policy and strategy. Through an in-depth case study approach, the report analyses the underlying social, political, and economic factors, which shape each country’s unique approach to AI development and acknowledges the geopolitical polarity of the region. The report assesses each country based on the following indicators: best practices; opportunities and challenges; and prospects for collaboration, for the end goal of assessing each country’s unique approach to Trustworthy AI, and identifying mutual grounds as impetus for regional and international collaboration.

Key findings of the report suggest that there is inclination and capacity among the stakeholder nations to collaboratively shape the AI ecosystem in the Asia Pacific, including through harmonisation of regulatory approaches within the region. As a way forward, this report proposes the establishment of the Tiered AI framework for International Collaboration (TAFIC) outlining how Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Australia and India can identify areas of common interest to drive deeper collaboration in order to achieve a vibrant, dynamic, and cross-cutting regional AI ecosystem. Using TAFIC as an organising framework, countries can pursue collaboration based on existing and similar mechanisms or even cross-pollinate best practices and ideas.

We hope the implementation of the report’s recommendations, specifically the implementation of TAFIC, can foster collaboration, enabling the exchange of data, talent, and technology with the broad vision of advancing an ecosystem that fosters trust in AI.