#12: How to build trust in AI

"Trust needs to be built" — Dr Antonio Feraco In this conversation, we focused on what processes are available to encourage trust within AI systems. Antonio has a lot to share in this area, having been active in the space as TÜV SÜD explores the development of a quality framework. This is a significant contribution to the development of a future certification or accreditation process for AI systems.

#11: The Future of the Financial Industry in Light of AI

"We are going to see an accelerated shift from the west to the east as we come out of this pandemic" — Scott Bales In this conversation, we covered a wide range of topics: from how technology startups need to manage their initial purpose to the future of the financial industry in a post-pandemic world. Scott discussed the latest developments in Singapore in working towards becoming an AI hub and encouraging innovation.

#10: Webinar Series: The Next Wave of Innovation — Lead by COVID-19

In this episode, we are sharing our latest webinar, the second in a series of dialogues on COVID-19. This was an enlightening discussion as our panellists, Vincent Vuillard from FutureWork Studio and Michelle Hancic from Pymetrics, shared their view on how COVID-19 might fuel the next wave of innovation and its impact on the future of work. Here are some important topics that have been highlighted during the webinar:

#9: Ethics, Privacy and Trust by Design

Do what is preferable, not acceptable. Preference is greater than acceptance" — Nathan Kinch Nathan is the CEO of Greater Than X. He's the creator of Data Trust by Design and dabbles in startup investments when he can. Nathan spent the bulk of his career grappling with the complexity and nuance of the rapidly evolving personal information economy. He's led work for governments, big tech, banks, teclos, startups, as well as research and policy institutes. He writes often and speaks at events all around the world.